Herbal Zen Shower Steamers – $36 I found these shower steamers recently and I am now OBSESSED. They are WAY better than the Vicks shower steamers (if you’re feeling under the weather) but also have a whole bunch of other scents to elevate your shower. They completely dissolve and don’t leave any residue or color […]

Well, I said it. I closed my eyes and cringed a little when I hit the post button on Instagram, but I said it. SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS ARE NOT OKAY RIGHT NOW. I’m assuming you’re here because you heard my battle cry on Facebook/Instagram. I feel compelled to share this because this is some major […]

WOW. I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR already since we got engaged!!! God bless all those couples who fully plan and execute a wedding all within a year!! I’ve really enjoyed taking my time and soaking up every bit of enjoyment and anticipation for the big day, so let’s get to it! 1. We […]

Hey friends! I’ve decided that we all probably need some light-hearted distraction right now, so I figured now would be better than ever to type up a wedding planning update – with Pinterest inspiration pictures included! Things are really starting to shape up as far as decor and smaller visual decisions go, and I’m sharing […]

Every year I like to take a week and seriously deep clean my house. Since we’re all spending a little extra time at home right now, I thought now would be the perfect time to get a jump start on my cleaning frenzy and share some of my deep cleaning spots that you might have […]

I want to start this off by saying that I know there will be some strong opinions on this one. More-so than probably on my decision to “break tradition” and to do a first look and see Dustin on my wedding day prior to the ceremony. But, last time I checked, it was my name […]

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already since Dustin and I got engaged! Where the hell has the time gone?! I know they say it flies by, but damn! In my last post about getting engaged, I told you I’d take you along for the ride, and even though it doesn’t feel like […]

I have dreaded, and I mean DREADED this day for quite some time. I didn’t flinch when it was time to retire the Frozen merchandised everything, or bat an eye when the barbie dolls found their way to the donation box. But when the topic of a first phone came up, I about shit myself. […]

Ring Spotlight Camera -$199 At the tippity-top of my list is the Ring Spotlight security camera. We chose this one over the doorbell model because we could angle it on our porch to see the whole front of the house, plus our driveway! AND it didn’t break the bank!! We got the battery version, but […]

“Who’s going to photograph your wedding?” has been the most common and frequent question I’ve been asked since I got engaged – and I finally have an answer!! I’m sharing all the details, and telling you how I really feel about being on “the other side” of the whole wedding photographer thing. It’s not a […]