My Wedding Planning Update

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March 28, 2020

Hey friends! I’ve decided that we all probably need some light-hearted distraction right now, so I figured now would be better than ever to type up a wedding planning update – with Pinterest inspiration pictures included! Things are really starting to shape up as far as decor and smaller visual decisions go, and I’m sharing all of it!

We Booked Our Caterer!

Since last update, we have officially booked our caterer! We are excited to be working with Parker Piercey from PCP BBQ Catering. I’ve worked with Parker and his team at a BUNCH of weddings throughout the years, and his food never disappoints! When Dustin and I were talking about food, my 2 requests were prime rib and mac and cheese, and he can pick everything else. LOL! Aside from the tasty food, what really made this decision a no-brainer was how Parker and his team have treated me and my team while working side-by-side at weddings. They have ALWAYS been so incredibly friendly, accommodating and loving, not only to the bride and groom, but to the other wedding vendors as well. It is extremely important to me is that my vendors are taken care of and treated just as well as my family, wedding party and guests. Some of you may read that and think WTF, vendors are getting paid to be there and this is their job. True, but I think we can all agree that ANY workplace that is happy and healthy in all ways is always best. Trust me, I’ve been to weddings that vendors have been treated like scum and I’ve been to weddings where vendors are treated like actual humans and I’ll take being a human over scum any day, and I will certainly will make that a priority at my own wedding.

Our Flowers Died

Ugh. The flower drama, LOL. They were doing SO well at my mom’s house and a few even bloomed! For like 2 seconds until they just decided they were done here and all shriveled up and died. Haha! At this point, all we can do is laugh. However, what was surprising is that the flowers that DID bloom were totally the wrong color and not what we *thought* we had ordered. So weird but kind of hilarious. No harm done, it was just a fun experiment and I’m happy to order my flowers from Waddington Blooms 🙂 Here are a few pictures of some of the flowers that did bloom! 

I Said YES To The Dress!I cannot say enough good things about Eternity Bridal in Potsdam!! Delaney has been such a huge help and SO incredibly accommodating!! I was hoping I wouldn’t turn out to be that bride that needed to try on a MILLION dresses before I found one, but it was only like 10,000 hahaha! Anyway, I found 2 dresses that I really liked, but wasn’t totally sold on. I think when it comes to wedding dresses, if it’s not a HELL YES, it’s definitely a no. I went online and found a few more dresses that I LOVED. Delaney offered to try and see if the designers would send sample dresses, and literally the day before the major COVID19 shut downs, one of the dresses arrived at the shop! I went down, tried it on and LOVED IT!! A few days later, (over facebook messenger lol) I officially said YES to the dress!!! A HUGE thank you to Eternity Bridal for going out of their way for me!!! So incredibly thankful for Delaney and her love and patience!!!! We took this photo back in December when I first went to try on dresses, and now it’s real!! 

Made Some Decor Decisions

Okay, this has been a little harder than I expected haha, but things are really starting to come together! I created a little mock-up of what I’m thinking for guest tables. Everything will be super light and neutral, with a few touches of blush! The BIGGEST hang up is that I’m trying to find PINK GLASS CUPS/GOBLETS that don’t cost a fortune! Sorry Anthropologie, I’m not paying $10 for ONE cup!! Crazy! Anyways, I’m SUPER excited that we are replicating those exact cocktail tables! Here are some Pinterest inspo photos that I’m super excited to bring to real life!  

Wedding Party Colors/Attire

This was a super easy decision and I honestly can’t remember if I included in the last update, haha but I have pictures this time! We’ve decided on blush pink for the girls dresses and light grey for the guys. Dustin will be in a darker grey, similar to the picture below. I’m also super pumped because when my parents got married, their wedding colors were ALSO pink and grey, so that’s really special to me to be able to put my own twist on things! So far, the only issue we’ve ran into is finding my man-of-honor, Jake, a blush pink tux. Yes, you read that right, and we’re BOTH super excited for it!! SO, if you’re out in the world and come across a slim fit, blush tux, help a sister out and send me a DM!! 🙂   

After ALL of the beautiful designs, colors and looks that I’ve seen done at weddings, I’ve always really loved the more neutral and classic look for both decor and attire…with a pink tux thrown in there just for good measure 🙂 Not only do I know that everyone’s skin tone will look great, but lighter colors are GREAT at reflecting light when it comes to photos!

My Wedding-Day Look

This is one thing I’m SUPER excited for, picking out and finalizing hair, makeup, jewelry, nails, ALLLL the things! I have so many ideas pinned, but here’s what I know for sure: I’ll have some sort of hairpiece, so when I take out my veil, there’s still something there! I don’t plan on ordering these exact hair pieces that are pictures below, but something similar. Makeup will be matte, I HATE glitter/metallic eyeshadow and dewey skin. LOL. I’m totally not afraid of heavier/darker eye makeup and will definitely have either lash extensions or traditional falsies! The Painted Pair will be doing my makeup and I am literally giving them full free-range to do whatever they think looks the best! For my hair, I have NO IDEA if it will be up or down. Photo-wise, I’m thinking down…..but it will also be mid-July and I don’t want my hair sticking to me, so we’ll see! I will probably wear some hair extensions, my hair has always been super thick, but I’d like it to be a little longer for the wedding, so that’s still up in the air. If I do decide to wear them, I’ll be sure to give full details on where I got them! I LOVE both pairs of these earrings, not sure if the bigger ones will be TOO big, but if not, I’ll wear those and the bridesmaids will wear the smaller ones below! I think they will look SO pretty with their blush dresses! I know that I probably won’t be wearing a necklace because I want the earnings and hair piece to the main focus, and I think it would look way too busy if I was wearing all three! I found these shoes on Amazon for legit $26!!! We are actually wearing them for my sister, Brooke’s wedding this year too, so it’s a win-win! I kinda like that both of us will be wearing the same shoes for our weddings!

Well, I think that’s all for now, It’s been really exciting and fun to plan and brainstorm ideas. So far, this process hasn’t been stressful at all and I think one of the MAIN reasons for that is because I am a strong believer in delegation and trusting people/vendors to do what they do best. I share my ideas and thoughts and really let them run with it! I’m excited to share more and hopefully I’ll have another update soon!!