2022 Gift Guide

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November 22, 2022

Herbal Zen Shower Steamers – $36

I found these shower steamers recently and I am now OBSESSED. They are WAY better than the Vicks shower steamers (if you’re feeling under the weather) but also have a whole bunch of other scents to elevate your shower. They completely dissolve and don’t leave any residue or color behind.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Kit – $49

The hype is real. I’m not a huge lip girl, but this color and formula is amazing. Hands down, my favorite lip stuff I’ve ever tried (seriously) and this color is said to look great on everyone, every skin tone. This value set is the cheapest you’ll ever find these products too!

Sephora Perfume Sampler – $72

I may not be a big lip girl, but I AM a big perfume girl and the best part of this gift set is that it comes with a voucher for a full sized perfume (!!!!) so technically, you’re paying a whole lot less for a full sized bottle of perfume.

Uggs Classic Short Boot – $169

I’ve loved these since ’07 and there’s no turning back. I hate the mini’s or the ultra mini’s, it’s classic short in chestnut for this basic gal all the way.

Anthropologie Capri Blue Volcano Soap & Lotion Set – $42

A cult favorite for a reason. I’ve tried all of the Anthro Volcano scent dupes, and they are in fact, NOT as good. I love this soap and lotion set, and it smells exactly the same as the candles! A cheaper alternative to still being able to enjoy the fragrance, without dropping $130 on their massive Anthro candles.

American Eagle Oversized Classic Crewneck – $35

This was the first AE purchase I’ve made since probably 2010, but let me tell ya, I saw this and loved the “vintage-y” classic american eagle look of this crew and I had to have it. It’s super thick, warm and very oversized. I’ve been wearing this non-stop!

BetaBrand Crop Stretch Dress Pants – $54

If you work somewhere that you have to wear real pants every day, I’m about to change your life. I am absolutely FLOORED that this company/these pants aren’t more well known. Forget Old Navy pixie pants, these are an absolute DREAM. When I tell you they are actually like wearing yoga pants, I absolutely mean it!!! If there is one thing that I can convince you to buy from this list, it’s these pants. There are a TON of dress pant styles, these are the more casual ones, but they actually look like real dress pants. It’s mind boggling. They are a little pricey, but deliver every promise. I have been wearing the same 3 pairs for 3 years for weddings and they have held up wonderfully. 100% worth the investment 10x!!!!

Towel Warmer – $130

In case you’re feeling extra boujee. This towel warmer has been on my wish list for a few years!! Great reviews, and who doesn’t love a warm towel out of the shower?

SKIMS pj set – $118

Nothing beats your favorite pair of PJs, and these are on my wish list! I have heard the step price tag is worth it, and the only downside I see so far is the fact that the don’t sell a set that includes long pants with a short sleeve top, you have to buy them individually, or a set with shorts and short sleeves, or long sleeves with pants. Anyway, I will be buying myself a set if they don’t end up under my tree!

Sol de Janerio Lip Butter – $18

We all know “bum bum cream” right? This is the same company and scent, and it’s amazing. It’s chapstick but it’s a big chunky tube, which I love. This stuff will last you FOREVER. A great stocking stuffer!

Lululemon Slides – $58

This past summer was the first summer that I even tried on a pair of slides (seriously) and I wear them CONSTANTLY. However, the pair I have are a super hard plastic, so these are on my wish list because they look like they are super comfy!!

Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar – $200

The biggest bang for your buck, and the perfect way to try a little bit of everything from this line! I am dying to get my hands on one of these, and they are currently sold out 🙁 I read that they usually sell out pretty fast so if you happen to see this in stock, run!! 🙂

Lancome Lash Idole Mascara – $27

Love this mascara, it really makes your lashes look super long and falsie-like, but it is waterproof and a pain in the ass to remove. This is not my “every day” mascara, but I love to wear it when I go out or for special occasions!

Ugg Slippers – $120

Tried and true, I have gone through 3 pairs of these and I still love them. On my wish list again this year because my dog ate my last pair. I love the chunky sole, so you can actually go outside in them if you want. If your dog doesn’t eat them, they last for such a long time!!

On Cloud 5 Terry Sneakers – $160

These have been on my wish list for a while, I just LOVE sneakers, and I’ve heard these are super comfy and great for everyday wear. AND they are SO cute!!!

Lululemon Mini Backpack – $98

Earlier this year I bought a cheap mini backpack for vacation and it has become my go-to “purse” whenever I have more to carry then my wallet, so I’m hoping to upgrade my cheap bag with this one!!

Gallery Wall Frame Set – $55

These were a wedding registry gift item of mine and I absolutely love them!! Very sturdy with real glass in the frames and are an awesome statement piece for the wall. They do come with the white mats in the frames (which I did use) but you can easily take them out if you don’t want the white border. Love these frames and they would make an awesome gift for anyone who recently got married or had photos done that they want to show off!

30 Minute Timer Outlet – $12

For my fellow “did I turn my straighter off” anxiety girls, this cheap timer outlet is the holy grail. The perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who uses any sort of hot tool or anything you wouldn’t want to accidentally leave on. I love this thing and one of my BEST Amazon purchases to date!

Candle Holders – $22 and Flickering Candles – $33

I use these year round and they are SO nice!! Amazin quality and I love that there are SO many different lighting options with the candles. My favorite is the flickering flame, which makes them look like real candles. 10/10

Sonicare Electric Toothbrush – $100

This is one of my top items on my list this year, considering I’m still rocking the $10 walmart toothbrush that dies every other week lol! The reviews are great and the pink color is SO cute!!! There are a bunch of other accessories that you can buy separately for the toothbrush as well!

Flutterhabit Lashes – $35

The best DIY lashes I’ve ever found! They can be a little tricky to apply the first time, but this company has a bunch of how-to videos and tutorials online. I like these because they actually blend in with your natural lashes seamlessly. They are super soft and don’t feel like the hard plastic KISS ones. I typically wear the “Shorties” style, which is the least dramatic style because I feel like they look like my own lashes, with just a little more pop. They are said to be 5-day wear, and I’ve worn mine for about 3 days (and showered with them!) and I do believe the trick here to getting them to stay is to actually buy the FlutterHabit glue!

Beckham Hotel Pillows(x2) – $45

If you like the way hotel pillows feel, then you better run and grab these. The absolute BEST pillows I have ever owned, and I tend to be a little bit of a pillow snob. I replace mine every year and they honestly last a year. I have never had a set of pillows that hold their shape, don’t deflate and feel as luxurious as these!! These are a christmas list must!

Electric Eye Massager – $53

If you suffer from migraines, this thing is amazing!!! It has heat and massage for your eyes and forehead, the only drawback is that it’s kinda noisy. You get used to it, I’ve fallen asleep with it on before so it’s not terrible, but It’s notable at first. You also look like an alien while wearing. Haha!

Chelsea Boots – $35

The comfiest chelsea boots I’ve yet to find! They come in a ton of colors and are super affordable! I bought all available colors and wear them just about every day. I love that they don’t have a super high heel and the toe is more round, which makes them a little more wearable for everyday.

Apple Watch Braided Stretchy Band – $12

Hands down, one of my best 2022 Amazon purchases!! I was skeptical because the band was so cheap, but I’m on month 6 and I still LOVE it!!! Very comfy, I throw mine in the washer when it gets a little dingy and it’s practically identical to the Apple stretchy band, but for a fraction of the cost.

Barefoot Dreams Duvet Cover – $400

She’s pricey, but damn she is comfy. This was actually a wedding registry item that was a win for me, but a fail for Dustin. I absolutely LOVED this duvet cover, but Dustin would get WAY too hot, even in February, and he couldn’t even sleep under it. Don’t buy this if you’re a hot sleeper, I actually debated on putting this on the list, but If you’re someone who doesn’t mind being extra toasty, then you will love this.