I Found My Wedding Photographer

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September 16, 2019

“Who’s going to photograph your wedding?” has been the most common and frequent question I’ve been asked since I got engaged – and I finally have an answer!! I’m sharing all the details, and telling you how I really feel about being on “the other side” of the whole wedding photographer thing.

It’s not a surprise that a photographer was literally the first thing I started searching for almost immediately after my title changed from Dustin’s girlfriend to his fiance. I’m sure that some of you probably thought that I would have had this decision locked down and already made, even before a ring showed up on my finger, but to be honest, the idea of hiring a photographer for my own wedding sort of freaked me out. It seemed daunting and overwhelming because frankly, I also thought that I would have had this decision already made  when the time came. I already knew who I wanted for my DJ, my florist, my hair & makeup, my planner, and my cake – perks of working in the industry, you make some really great vendor friends, and get to see a wide variety of their skills and talents long before your big day arrives. But I was totally lost when it came to a photographer. So, I did what any normal human would do, I turned to the internet.

Initially, we thought we’d have our ceremony in the Adirondack region, so I started there. However, most of the wedding photographers I came across in that region were awesome, but their styles were more dark and moody. Which is beautiful, but not necessarily the style that I’m drawn to the most. I like light and true color, which is obviously where CFP got it’s signature look from. So, the easy answer here would have been for me to just have my team members photograph my own wedding, right? Well, I didn’t know who I wanted to photograph my own wedding, but what I DID know is that I wanted my team to join me as guests at my wedding, enjoy themselves and not have to worry about photography for one Saturday. I also know myself pretty well, and I know that I would probably become a little bit more involved with the photos if it was my team shooting, and that’s exactly what I don’t want. I want to be a BRIDE, not a photographer.

And then I found Kerri. Located in the Syracuse area, she had actually photographed a girl’s wedding that I went to college with, and since then I had actually been “following” Kerri on Facebook for this whole time, and didn’t make the connection. It took me a total of 0.2 seconds to send off an email, and away we went. I can’t even tell you the RELIEF I’ve felt since I’ve found Kerri. Of course, I did my fair share of facebook stalking, skimmed through her blog and website and I haven’t second-guessed my decision once.

A few things that stood out to me, which helped solidify my decision was that 1) Kerri has recently been a photographer-turned-bride herself, so she understands first-hand how that transition can feel a little overwhelming or odd at times. 2) She is a member of a photography educational group that I am also a part of, a fellow “KJer”, which eases my nerves big time.  3) Her PHOTOS. Last but certainly not least, I love her work. I would say that our styles have some similarities in that they are both filled with great light and color, and even though there are some differences (which there should be , no 2 photographers are the same because how boring would that be) I totally love and appreciate her style, and can’t wait to see my wedding day through her work!

So how am I really feeling about handing over the reigns? Or, camera strap to be more exact.

I feel wonderful. Surprisingly, I don’t have an ounce of anxiety over this. I think some people may assume that because I am so familiar with wedding photography, that it would give me so much more reason to stress over it – but it’s actually the exact opposite. I know what hard work it takes, and I know how hard work shows up prior to the wedding date. I guess you could say I knew what to look for in my search and inquiry process. I also knew in the back of my mind going into this, that throughout my process of looking for a wedding photographer, it was going to be an easy YES or NO when it came to my photographer selection. I always say, if it’s not an easy yes, then it’s likely  a no.

Just as I ask my clients to trust me and be confident in my knowledge and ability, I need to do the same for my photographer, in order to ensure the best experience for both of us. I’ve said this whole time that for this one day, I want to be a BRIDE above all else, and I’m actually really excited to experience wedding photography from the other side.

I don’t mean to make it seem like choosing a wedding photographer is a lighthearted decision, because my friend, it certainly is not. I’m not expecting, nor wanting, a “CFP Wedding”, I want, and am SO excited for, a Kerri Lynn Photography wedding. I am choosing to use my knowledge and prior experience to both of our advantages, knowing that people do their best work when they know that their client trusts them, and they have to freedom and ability to do what they do best. I would only be doing myself a huge disservice if I was stressing or being overbearing in the photography process. I know Kerri does great work and provides an exceptional experience, and I am so at peace with that.

You guys KNOW that wedding photography is obviously at the tippy-top of my own wedding list, and I can’t wait to share more about my experience and how it looks from the other side. I have ALREADY ordered a dress for my engagement session next year, which Kerri is also photographing!! To say that I’m excited would be an extreme understatement!

In the meantime, you can find Kerri  Here On Instagram and Here On Facebook!


Till next time!!