I thought about you the other day. Shortly after I posted my long-awaited ring selfie that took 15 tries until it was Insta-worthy, I thought about you. Because up until an hour before that Instagram post, I was you. For many years, I was the one who felt a very specific twang in the gut […]

It’s been a week today, and I still can’t believe Dustin and I are ENGAGED! The outpouring of love from everyone has been so immense and we SO appreciate it! I wanted to share a little bit about how it happened, why it was SO sweet and sentimental, AND I’m answering the most popular question […]

I’ve shared about my camera equipment and gear before, but now I want to share some of my all-time favorite and must-have things, any and all ladies in business (or not) probably need in their lives. These products have seriously helped me and my workflow, and I’m hoping maybe some of these are a tax […]

A few months ago, we announced that we were selling our house. It came out of the blue and was sort of a spur of the moment thing, brought on by casually scrolling through Zillow one night. I blogged about the renovations we’ve made to our house, and to be honest, that post has been […]

You’re doing what?!? “But I feel like you JUST moved into that place?!” or, “but what about all of that work and remodels?!” Questions like these have been pretty common lately since we announced to our close family and friends (and Facebook) that we are putting our house on the market. If we’re still here […]

‘Tis the tax time season! But let’s talk about the good kind of audit – your facebook newsfeed audit. This probably isn’t something you thought you needed, but trust me that you’ll thank me later! It’s no secret that I have a serious love-hate relationship with social media, Facebook especially, for various reasons both professionally […]

I am not good at being bad at things, and “embrace the struggle” is the epitome of an eye-roll in my book. As many of us do, I like being great at what I do, and I have a hard time stepping out of that comfortable box.  I had forgotten how familiar self-doubt felt. It […]

It happened 2 weeks ago over a  game of Monopoly Ultimate Banking, which for those of you who are not savvy to the never ending world of Monopoly versions, includes “debit cards” that you swipe, which automatically keep track of your funds. Consumerism at it’s finest. Also included are game cards that you draw, which […]

Hey, hey! My recent post about the gift guide for the bride-to-be was one of my most viewed entries, EVER! So, I decided to share another gift guide, but this time, for all women! I’ve listed 15 items that are either on my wish list this year, or items that I already own that you’ve […]

Hi all! I’ve been excited to share this, because I LOVE reading these kind of product review blogs, and I decided to do one of my own! These are my top 10 favorite bath and beauty products – all under $100! This also gave me the perfect excuse to test out my brand new macro […]