10 Things I (Or My Business) Can’t Live Without

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July 12, 2019

I’ve shared about my camera equipment and gear before, but now I want to share some of my all-time favorite and must-have things, any and all ladies in business (or not) probably need in their lives. These products have seriously helped me and my workflow, and I’m hoping maybe some of these are a tax write-off!? :)This list is a bit random, but trust me, there are some goodies in here. Be sure to click the titles for links to all products!!


Pixel Eyewear Computer Glasses

Blue light blocking glasses have become all the rage lately, and for good reason. BUT, did you know that there are different grades of protective glass? The $10 pair you found at Target do not block the harmful blue light as much as other, more expensive and certified pairs, like the ones above. If you spend a good chunk of your time staring at a screen, it’s probably worth investing in some of these bad boys. Bonus, you can also order a prescription pair, leaving your eyes free of digital death rays. Mine are in the style “Thera” linked above in the title!


Apple Watch (no idea what generation, but it’s not waterproof) 

Yes, yes. the Apple watch. Certainly not a necessity, but! For me, it has been worth every penny. I did NOT pay extra for it to have it’s “own cellular line” as in, I can’t receive calls/texts unless my actual phone is in range. However, I haven’t  regretted this decision one bit. I am rarely without my phone at least somewhere within my vicinity, and haven’t ever wished that I would have paid extra for the cellular feature. This thing is a goldmine, and prevents me having to whip out my phone every 5 seconds, especially on wedding days! My favorite feature is the “talk to text” and walkie-talkie!


Proactive Skin Care System 

Sorry Kylie, but I don’t buy the hype. This little arsenal has been good to me since I was 15, and I don’t plan on letting er’ go! A good skin care regimen is crucial. We don’t realize what a beating our skin takes day after day (especially while sweating your ass off on wedding days.) I also HIGHLY recommend getting a little power scrubber for your face because simply using your hands or a washcloth to wash your face doesn’t always cut it.

Lexar Professional Workflow 4-Hub Card Reader & Lexar Card Inserts

This is geared more towards photographers, but I couldn’t leave it off the list!! This little hub has been a total and complete game changer. It ingests and processes images from FOUR CARDS AT ONCE and a super high speed, which means that I can have a complete wedding ingested in under 10 minutes. The whole set up cost me about $160 all together, but completely worth it!! I am a slight freak and the moment I get home from a wedding, I HAVE to back up my images, whether it’s 9pm or 2am. I have this fear that something weird will happen, like aliens will invade and send some death beam to wipe my cards….or something, I don’t know. LOL. It’s important to note that the hub and card inserts are sold separately!!!! This allows you to customize your set up, and what kind of inserts you want/need. For me, I bought 2 SD readers and 2 CF readers, since some of my team members use different styles cards. Make sure when you’re purchasing the reader inserts that you choose the correct ones that match your cards!!


Living Proof Dry Shampoo

I don’t know why, or how, but THIS dry shampoo is actually better than the rest. Believe me when I say that I have tried my fair share of dry shampoo and this stuff is hands down, THE best. I bought a sample size in line at ULTA (damn you little spinning racks at the checkout) but I’m so glad I did!!! Totally worth it! Doesn’t leave my hair feeling stiff or residue-ey like basically all other dry shampoos that I’ve used!! Perfect for those day-after-wedding days that I have to look somewhat presentable for. Love it!


Corkcicle Water Bottle

Okay, okay, I know I have raved about the Corkcicle before, but it’s worth another mention!! I have about 5 of these guys, all different colors, sizes and shapes, and I keep coming back! They really are that good. Staying hydrated is important, as we all know, and these guys really do keep your drink cold or hot. Basically, the same thing as a Yeti, but cuter colors, a little cheaper and more accessories! I bought the straw top (shown above, purchased separately) and it’s my favorite for wedding days, because I don’t have to unscrew the top, and then hope that I don’t spill water down the front of myself.  If there isn’t anything I hate more, it’s when my ice melts in my iced coffee, so you can usually find me sporting 2 of these at once, one filled with my iced coffee and the other filled with lemon water. Bingo!


Weighted Eye Mask & OLLY Restful Sleep Gummies

Please excuse the dingy-ness of my eye mask, it gets a TON of use! I bought this eye mask to help combat frequent post-wedding migraines, and this thing might as well be made of gold. It’s weighted with flax seeds and can be popped into the microwave (10 seconds) which is amazing for migraines. I will NEVER be without one of these again! Even if you don’t get migraines, I still highly recommend it for a little relaxation! If you’re feeling a little extra, add a drop or 2 of cedarwood or lavendar essential oils for a little extra “pa-azz.”

My sister recommended these OLLY sleep gummies, and I’ve loved them! They contain melatonin, L-Theanine and botanicals (listed on the package) I take one gummie, and It’s a low dose of melatonin (3g per gummie) which I like because it doesn’t leave me feeling drunk or groggy in the morning, haha! I usually have a hard time falling asleep or “winding down” after a wedding, and these things seem to do the trick! I do not take them every night, just on nights when I can’t seem to fall asleep. I’ll be honest, I don’t love the “mint berry” taste, but what the hell, you win some, you lose some I guess. If it works, it works!


TATCHA The Silk Canvas Face Primer 

She’s pricey but damn is she worth it!! This was another checkout tester item that I fell victim to, but OMG. Last week before my double-header, a Saturday and Sunday wedding, I tried this stuff out for the first time and WOW. Another product I will never be without. Again, I don’t know how, why or what makes this product actually last and basically shellack my foundation to my face, but it totally works!! Perfect for keeping my face in-tack all day during weddings. If you are a bride getting married, GET THIS SHIT!! I totally recommend buying the travel/trial size which is $20 at Sephora (not found at ULTA). You have to hunt for it, and they might be sold out, but definitely worth a try!! You’ll thank me later!!

RENPHO Foot Massager 

OOOOOkay, arguably the best $120 ever spent. Yes, for real. Excuse the dog hair, this bad boy has been put to HIGH use. My feet hurt SO bad after weddings, no matter what insoles or shoes I wear, it just is what it is, but this thing has been worth every single little penny. It has heat, kneading and air compression options AND the little foot inserts zip out, which are machine washable! I love this thing, and completely and totally worth it. I look forward to using this thing after each wedding, and it sits right under my desk, so as I’m importing photos, I sit back and send my feet to massage heaven. It is highly rated on amazon and certainly for good reason! If you’re on your feet a lot, this might be worth investing in!