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June 6, 2017

GUYS. I can’t tell you how anxious and exited I’ve been to FINALLY be able to post this entry!!! If you follow me on any form of social media, you’ll see that we (Dustin) has been working hard on getting our new bathroom up and running, and…..IT IS FINALLY DONE!!!

So when we bought the house, there was a spare bedroom downstairs, but it was kind of small for a bedroom, so instead of sticking our kid in a small room, we added onto the house and added her bedroom, which has so far been the biggest transformation thus far. If you missed that blog entry, read it here! Anyway, this small bedroom has served many purposes in the last year and  half that we’ve been here. While we were finishing Rileigh’s bedroom, it housed all of her things and she had to spend a few nights on the couch. Don’t worry, she didn’t mind because she got to stay up late πŸ™‚


Once her bedroom was complete and all of her stuff was out of the room, it became the “throw all of the  tools and construction shit” room. As we worked on the rest of the house, all of our junk found it’s way into the small bedroom for the time being. We did have a plan however, we were eventually going to make this small bedroom a bathroom. The current bathroom was SUPER tiny, and as much as I tried to make it my own, it wasn’t doing it for me. So FINALLY, it was time to start on the new bathroom πŸ™‚

We hauled all of the junk out, and here’s what it looked like before we did anything to it. Pretty decent size (for a bathroom) white walls, and plank floors. Honestly, I didn’t even have a Pinterest board for the bathroom, I just figured we’d go to Lowes, find something and build inspiration off that.


Now, of course, I love all the rustic shit, so clearly this bathroom was not going to be some modern, white-walls, glass everything room, but once I found our shower tile, that was the kick in the ass I needed! We decided on tile that looks like old barn board. I didn’t even know this stuff existed, but once we saw it,

I KNEW we needed to have it in the shower! Initially, we were going to very basic

, grey/beige big square tiles for the floor, because I didn’t want it to look too busy…..but I’m SO glad we decided to go with Dustin’s idea! More on the floors a little later πŸ™‚

So Demo Day was underway! Time to rip out the walls for the tub and all of the plumbing. Now, I will say, I NEVER realized how much of a pain in the ass it is to run plumbing to a room that doesn’t have it. Our house was built in 1880, so level floors are a foreign concept, so before we did anything, we had to make sure the floors were somewhat level, especially before we laid tile. Now, the weird thing was that the entire room was almost perfectly level…..except for a little spot right in front of the doorway. So Dustin poured concrete to level er’ out.

Once the room was ready for the tub, we headed to Lowes to grab the tub. Dustin definitely got the best of me this April Fools, he called me out on the porch and said “Cristina, we have a problem!”….I thought they gave us a blue tub and I was PISSED. hahaha

So, one night we were binge watching Fixer Upper, and Dustin said “I wonder what’s behind the sheetrock in the bathroom” ….. OH WAIT! IS THAT SHIPLAP I SEE?! yep. Goodbye sheetrock!

I was SO HAPPY TO SEE THIS. Original shiplap from 1880 and I INSTANTLY started pinning “bathroom shiplap ideas” on Pinterest…..but, my joy was short lived…..

Once we ripped the shiplap off, you can see that when the electricity was run into this room, they just ripped the boards off, and shoved it full of what I’m assuming is some sort of blown insulation….AND the window was obviously not original, and the window opening was bigger than the current window. Not to mention the excessive water damage πŸ™
Okay, regroup. We had a plan! Sand the shit out of the shiplap to restore it. Cover half of the wall in sheetrock and move the window up. PHEW. So that was the plan. So we continued with installing the tub and putting up the little wall on the other side of the tub. And, we put the kid to work πŸ˜›
Now it was time to figure out what we were doing for tile. I’m SO glad I let Dustin take the lead on this one. COBBLESTONE! I was nervous about the price and if it would look too busy with the barn board tile on the shower walls, but we went for it, and I couldn’t be happier with the results πŸ™‚
Time for the tile in the shower! The tile in the tub was a little tricky, because it was made to look like real wood, so all of the tiles had different shades and variations, so we laid a bunch of tiles out so we could mix and match the colors and textures.
Another great Dustin idea: he made a little nook in the shower to put shelves for all of our (my) shampoo and shower stuff!
Juda insisted on being in the room constantly when Dustin was trying to work. haha!
Once everything was installed, Dustin had to finish running the plumbing…..remember how I said it was  serious pain in the ass? Well, I’ve got to give Dustin serious props because he was stuck in a hole (literally) underneath this room, running all the plumbing. He had to use a jackhammer thing to break through the stone in the old foundation. Here’s him crawling out of the hole!
Okay, so I must take a minute of silence for the shiplap idea…..Once we really started exploring all of the work, time and funds it would take to really get that whole shiplap idea worth our while, we decided it really wasn’t within our means to do so. My inner Joanna is dying a little inside, but honesty, I think it would have definitely been too busy, with SO many textures in there. The shower walls and the floor are so bold, I think the shiplap would have been a bit much. So, despite the fact we literally tore the entire wall off for absolutely nothing, I’m happy we decided to go with just regular walls for the bathroom.

There’s my Jude again, always ready for a photo op πŸ˜› Anyway, I purchase this moose canvas months ago, and I’ve been SO excited to hang it in the new bathroom! This was the first piece of decor to enter the bathroom, so it was pretty monumental! We decided to keep the room pretty light and airy, as opposed to the other rooms in the house, which are painted with muted and warmer colors. We decided on Lamb’s Ear by Valspar, and I couldn’t be happier with this choice!

Once the room was painted, it was time to decorate!!! MY FAVORITE PART!

We ended up using the same vanity, because it really wasn’t in too bad of shape, it’s amazing was a coat of paint, a good scrubbing and a new faucet will do to a sink! πŸ™‚ I am also OBSESSED with the light fixture we picked out! It’s Allen + Roth and we got it from Lowes!
I think the tub turned out better than I had imagined and it is my favorite part of the bathroom!!! It fits my style perfectly and it was 100% worth the extra money!
I was on the hunt for the perfect little corner stand, and I found one….at a flea market! I can’t tell you how much I LOVE thrift stores and flea markets!!! I also HATE overhead lighting, obviously, that is kind of a necessity so I decided to put a little lamp (dollar store purchase) on the stand, so when you’re not showering or need the big overhead light, there’s still some light in there πŸ™‚
We actually have a real red canoe that we have used for years during the summer, so when I saw this little red canoe shelf, I knew I had to have it!
I really wanted to bathroom to flow well with the rest of the house. I wanted a very homey and warm feel, and I think we achieved that pretty well! We still have a little bit of work to do, the ends of the shower need to be cased in sheetrock and we still need to put the trim on, but overall, I am SO happy to call this room a completed success!
I wasn’t sure what to put above the toilet, so I dug through my tote filled with knick-knacks and crafts and decided to make this wreath!, I started with an old window Dustin found on our property, and antlers from a small buck he shot years ago. The wreath was like $5 from Walmart!
Oh yeah, want to see our new “junk room” ? hahaha! This is our next project. Our previous bathroom will soon be our brand new laundry room! I CAN’T WAIT!

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

– Cristina