Gift Guide For The Bride-To-Be

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December 5, 2018

I have scoured through Etsy and found some hidden gems that are perfect gifts for the bride-to-be in your life! One of my favorite things about Etsy is that these items are all from handmade artisans, real people, running a small business. You KNOW I’m all about that! All of these gifts, except for one, all ship from the US! Another great feature is that at the bottom of each page, Etsy provides you with similar items from different shops, so you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Let’s be real, when a gal is planning a wedding, vendor price tags can add up quickly, and every dollar counts. So, all of these cute little wedding-oriented knick knacks that she found on Pinterest often gets pushed aside.

So let’s get to it, here are eleven of my favorite, super cute, meaningful and thoughtful gifts for any future mrs. that doesn’t break the bank, but are total winners when it comes to gifts!


Custom Initial/Date Necklace

Super simple, cute and thoughtful gift! There are a couple different options, and can be fully customized to feature different initials, symbols and dates! Ships from USA- Find it HERE


Custom Bridal Party Illustration Print

Okay, this one is one of my FAVORITE finds, and unfortunately I couldn’t find a shop in the US listed with this amount of detail and customization! These custom illustrations allow you to pick the hairstyle/color, robe colors, names, dates, everything!! Such a nice keepsake! These ship from the UK, so just keep that in mind when ordering! Ships from UK – Find it HERE


Workout Tanktop

I don’t know about you, but tanks with funny sayings on them are in my top ten fav things, so if you know a bride-to-be gym rat who is “sweating for the wedding” this is a perfect and clever gift! Ships from USA – Find it HERE


Custom Dress Hanger

Yaaaass, you should have known this would be on this list đŸ™‚ Custom wedding dress hangers are one of the most common things I see on wedding day mornings, and it TOTALLY elevates those wedding dress shots! Plus, it’s a really nice wedding keepsake! Ships from USA – Find it HERE


Bouquet Memory Charm

For anyone who has lost someone, anyway to incorporate and celebrate their memory on their wedding day is incredibly special. These custom charms are deigned to pin onto the bridal bouquet, so they are always with the bride, on and after her wedding day! Ships from USA – Find it HERE


Custom Ornament 

Love these ornaments! Many different custom options available, date of proposal or wedding date, and such a nice gift for a couple’s first christmas as man and wife! Ships from USA – Find it HERE


Velvet Ring Box

Another one of my favorites on this list!! Velvet ring boxes are SO beautiful, and make for AMAZING ring shots as well! Many past brides have also used these for keeping their rings safe during travel, or when they’re not wearing them. These come in all sorts of colors, and feature one or two ring slots! Ships from USA – Find it HERE


Coordinates Bracelet

Okay, okay, another favorite! These coordinate stacking bracelets are so quant, simple and beautiful! The coordinates can be a bunch of different places, location they got engaged, location they got married, location of their first home, etc. SO many ideas!! AND! You can continue to gift these as more life events occur! If you need help finding exact coordinates of a location, Google Maps works great! Ships from USA – Find it HERE


Bridal Robe

Another super popular thing I see on wedding mornings are these super soft and silky “getting ready” robes! They come in alllll kinds of colors and can be customized on the back! They are super helpful to wear while a bride is getting ready, because since they tie on the side, there’s no risk of messing up her hair or makeup when getting into her wedding dress! Also, these are meant to fit loosely, which makes for easy sizing! Ships from USA – Find it HERE


Custom Tumbler Cup

These custom tumblers come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and come in super handy preventing spills on the wedding morning! The best part? They are great and usable before and after the wedding day! Mimosas anyone?? Ships from USA – Find it HERE


Pay A Portion of a Remaining Balance

Allllright, well this one isn’t as cute or exciting, but one of the more practical gifts. As I mentioned, weddings can be expensive, and a popular “gift” on the rise has been the idea of chipping in and paying a portion of a vendor remaining balance for the couple. Whether it’s $20 or $200, any soon-to-be bride will tell you, every dollar counts! This can be little hard to be discrete about it, so I suggest contacting the vendor directly, explain that you’d like to make a payment, and go from there đŸ™‚


There you have it!! My Gift Guide for the Bride-To-Be in your life!! I hope you loved these gift ideas as much as I do!!