2021 Gift Guide

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November 22, 2021

I’ll make this short and sweet, because we all know why you’re here! Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for this year, many which I already own and love! ENJOY!


Oculus Quest 2 – $300

Okay, if you haven’t ever tried or experienced VR – put that on your bucket list! It’s SO cool!! So cool in fact, that I thought it would be a good idea to open it up and “charge the batteries” before Christmas….and now I’m on level 5 of the Jurassic Park game. LOL! Don’t worry, it will be reset and re-packaged by the time Santa makes his arrival 🙂 However, I would definitely say that this is NOT a little kid gift. 10+ for sure I would probably recommend.

Oculus Quest 2 Adjustable Headstrap With Battery Holder – $30

If you’re already dropping $300 on the Oculus, spend an extra $30 and get the adjustable head-strap! The 2 biggest cons that I’ve experienced is that the head-strap that comes on the Oculus is a pain in the ass to adjust, because it’s one of those straps that you have to thread through one side and pull it through the other (like a bra strap, if that makes sense.) And, the battery dies somewhat quickly. This head-strap does NOT come with an rechargeable portable battery, but it does have the holder for one! This is very important especially if your kid (or you) want to play this right out of the box, because it only comes about 50% charged!

Apple AirTag – $30

Can’t believe how cheap these are, and such a great stocking stuffer for legit anyone! The accessories listed below make it even better!

Wallet AirTag Holder/Insert $10

You know, so you don’t lose your wallet! Genius!

AirTag Holder Keychain (5pack) – $9

Again, genius!!!

Daily Gratitude Journal – $7

One of my most favorite things I own. It’s simple, short and sweet. 3 lines of gratitude everyday and it has changed my life. I will never NOT have one of these! The are enough days to fill a year, and you fill the dates in yourself, so it can be started at any time. It’s not necessarily “religious” but it definitely can be if you want it to be!

Rechargeable Hand Warmers – $28

Calling all dog walkers! This was one of my coolest TikTok Amazon finds, and apparently they work A LOT better than those Hot Hands packets, because you can set the temperature. I think it would be worth a try!

Hunter Insulated Body Suit – $200

This is basically a camo sleeping bag with legs, but Dustin loves it and swears by it! Perfect for those really cold mornings in the woods. There are a couple different brands, and this one I found on Amazon is technically the “off” brand from the original Heater Body Suit, but after watching endless YouTube videos, Dustin said this one is just as good, for a fraction of the price.

Apple TV – $140

After having a Roku and multiple built-in tv streaming devices, Apple TV beats the all by a long shot. We loved ours so much, we bought a second one for the upstairs bedroom! 10/10 recommend!

Barefoot Dreams Fuzzy Socks – $16

Just as cozy as the blankets, only in sock-form! Love mine, and have purchased these in the past as gifts! Who doesn’t love fuzzy socks, am I right?

Apple TV Remote Cover – $7

A great stocking stuffer idea, and in my opinion, a MUST if you have an Apple TV. And yes, you can still charge the remote with the cover on! Also makes it super easy to keep the remote clean, because the cover is 100% silicone.

Wet Brush – $7

The BEST hairbrush they make! I have no idea why or how, but these do NOT pull hair at all, and detangle SO well. Perfect for kids or yourself!

Electric Foot Massager – $130

For that person who has everything. One of my most favorite purchases I’ve ever made! I use this every night after a wedding, and it really makes a difference. The best part is that the foot inserts zip out and can easily be tossed in the wash. If I didn’t already own this, it would definitely be on my wish list!

Turkey Hunting Vest – $180

Alright, so it’s a backpack that turns into a seat. This is probably Dustin’s most favorite gift I’ve ever gotten him! As a non-hunter, I don’t really get it, but Dustin says it’s awesome and highly recommends for any turkey hunter! This would be a great “big gift” item!

Cast Iron Dutch Oven – $47

This dutch oven comes in SO many colors, and is SO cute!!! A great gift idea!!

Wireless CarPlay – $116

The MOST annoying part about Apple CarPlay is that it doesn’t automatically and wirelessly sync to your car, you have to have a cord hooked up to your phone. This little gadget plugs into your USB in your car, and then wirelessly hooks up CarPlay to your phone. *NOTE* This device only works if your car/radio came with CarPlay factory installed. It does NOT work with an after-market CarPlay radio. This is definitely on my wishlist this year!

Amazon Sweater – $39

Sometimes I’m a little weary about ordering clothes off amazon but this sweater is a huge win!! The perfect slouchy feel and super soft! Love it and will definitely be ordering it again in different colors!

Whiskey Glasses – $30

LOVE these!!! How cute?! Perfect gift for dad, husband, brother or me 🙂 LOL.

Removable Shelves – $34

AMAZING TikTok find!!!! I was skeptical about these, considering I was planning on putting them in the built-in shelf in my shower, and WOW. LOVE THEM! They haven’t budged an inch and are perfect! You could also definitely use these for storage in the kitchen, inside a cabinet, anywhere!

Washable Heated Blanket $51

This heated blanket is MACHINE WASHABLE!!! I repeat, IT’S MACHINE WASHABLE!!!! Game changer and definitely on my Christmas list this year!!!

Hoop Earrings – $9

Perfect stocking stuffer! Super cute, and (I think) neutral enough to go with any outfit! I wear mine all the time!

Game Camera – $100

Pretty self-explanatory, but you set up the game camera in the woods and it will send the photos directly to your phone! The price of these has gone down BIG TIME! I Remember a few years ago, Dustin looked into getting a camera that sent photos to your phone, and they were like $400-$600!! A great gift, also because you can never have too many game cameras!! *NOTE* You do have to purchase a “plan” or subscription with the game camera company in order to receive the photos. I think we pay $5-$10 a month, but Dustin only keeps his cameras up a few months out of the year, so it’s not super expensive at all!

Moroccanoil Hair Mask – $42

The BEST hair mask I’ve found!! I LOVE the entire moroccanoil line, and NO! This mask does NOT make your hair greasy. A little pricey, but trust me, a little bit of this goes a long way, and I usually use mine once a month, so one tub lasts me forever!

Burberry Purfume – $72

I am SUCH a sucker for a good scent! This is one I found about 5 years ago, and I ran out and kind of forgot about it until last month! It’s definitely a winter/fall scent. I don’t normally like “musky” scents, but this one is amazing!! I would recommend smelling this before you purchase or putting it on your wish list, because I’ve heard it’s either one of those “love it or hate it” smells!

Lazy Susan Bin Organizers – $35

Another great TikTok Amazon find!!! These bin organizers are specifically made to fit inside a lazy susan cabinet!! Comes in a pack of 4, where have these been all my life? These are on my wish list!

Adidas Sneakers – $140

These are a little pricey, but DAMN! They are SO cute!! I’ve had my eye on them for a while now, and of course, every other Instagram and Facebook ad that pops up is for these sneakers now!! This would be such a great gift to ask for, or to buy for your teen/tween daughter!

Bow Sling – $33

If there’s a bow hunter in your life, this is an AWESOME gift! It’s not made for protective storage like a hard bow case, but it’s for easy transport and carrying out to the woods. Dustin absolutely loves his!!

Target PJs – $22

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been asked where I got the PJs for my bridesmaids from!! They are super soft, come in a few different colors and very affordable!!

Carhartt RainDefender Half-Zip – $50

I usually buy a few of these heavy duty hoodies for Dustin each year, and we definitely get our money’s worth! They have “rain defender” technology, which means that they are water resistant and rain/water pools up on the outside and runs off, instead of soaking through. They are VERY durable, warm and definitely worth the price! I will say, the color of them does tend to fade after a while. Dustin wears these to work almost every day when it gets colder out, and so they are washed pretty frequently, so just something to keep in mind!

Corkcicle Tumbler – $35

Yes, just as good as a Yeti, but more style and color options! I am obsessed with all of my corkcicles and we use them daily!