2018 CFP Superlatives

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January 3, 2019

2018 has officially wrapped up, and I’m sharing my favorite shots from our 2018 wedding season!!!


Best Entrance – Emily & David

Emily’s walk down the aisle was definitely one of my favorites! Her sweet son escorted her down the aisle, and she SANG her way down to meet David!! Amazing!!


Best Shoes – Courtney & Shawn, Nicole & Darren, Sam & Tim

The best shoes, are no shoes, am I right?? LOVED Courtney’s super unique and comfy wedding “shoes” !! Shawn’s socks were pretty snazzy as well!


I LOVED Nicole’s flats she wore for her wedding! The PERFECT dancing shoes!!


Sam’s boots were seriously blinged out and I think my favorite pair of boots of all time!!!


Best Dressed Bridesmaids – Liza & Spencer

I loved how unique everyone’s dress was!!! Even though I didn’t think the idea of totally different bridesmaids dresses would be my “thing”, I COULDN’T GET ENOUGH!! Everyone looked so beautiful, and I loved how each dress complimented every girl, and the colors were to die for!!


Best Veil – Sam & Tim, Alison & Ryan

There’s something about a super long, cathedral style veil that gets me every time!!


Best First Look – Taylor & Tyler, Stephanie & Matt

Now, I will admit, rain on a dirt road is not exactly an ideal setting for a first look, but Taylor and Tyler were champs and their first look turned out to be one of my favorites to date!!


Matt’s reaction to seeing Steph for the first time is EXACTLY why I LOVE doing first looks!! SO SWEET!


Best Ring Shot – Nikki & Tommy, Meghan & Reed

To say that narrowing down my favorite ring shots was hard, is a serious understatement!!!! I loved Nikki’s ring, and I LOVED how Greg and Ashley incorporated a custom wedding favor into the ring shot! I’m also a huge sucker for mixing white and yellow gold!! Win-win!!

Meghan’s ring was hands down, one of the most beautiful and unique rings I got to photograph this year!! I knew I had to highlight the intricate details!


Best Cake – Stephanie & Josh

This was my FAVORITE cake topper this entire season!! I LOVE custom cake toppers, and the beautiful flowers wrapped around, and delicious cupcakes were a serious bonus!


Best Dressed Bride – Hilary & Nick

I could go on, and on about how much I loved Hilary’s dress! The train and the little details on the back were my favorite!!


Best Decor – Kayla & Pat, Hilary & Nick, Stephanie & Josh

Again, this one was a doozy trying to narrow down favorites!! Kayla & Pat got married at The Stables at Windy Point, and the navy blue, simple design, apple cider donuts and fresh greenery just did it for me!


Stephanie and Josh tied the knot at Bella-Brooke Vineyard and their reception was stunning!! Loved the lace, touch of burlap, soft pink and the guest gifts!!


Hilary and Nick also got married at The Stables at Windy Point, and Hilary’s mom TOTALLY knocked it out of the park when it came to decorating the reception area!! I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything was!! My favorite was the lanterns hanging above the entire space!


Best Father-Daughter Dance – Nikki & Tommy

Hands down, the most fun and joyful father-daughter dance we’ve ever photographed!! The photos say it all!


Best Location – Meghan & Reed, Liza & Spencer

I’ll be honest, this spot that I found for Meg & Reed was not exactly the most photogenic, and I had to strategically layer the surrounding greenery, and fight the harsh direct sun, but the outcome was AMAZING!! I was so proud of how these came out, and they are some of my favorite bride & groom shots!!


I actually almost missed this TO-DIE-FOR location on Liza & Spencer’s wedding day. This random little pathway was hidden literally by the venue dumpster, and the only reason I even found it was because I had to run to my car and grab a new set of batteries!! This is one of my favorite locations I’ve EVER shot at!! And I almost missed it!!!


Best Golden Hour – Kayla & Pat, Hilary & Nick, Alison & Ryan

Kayla & Pat’s wedding day was a tad overcast, so we didn’t exactly get a bunch of golden light, BUT nonetheless, their “golden hour” shots remain some of my favorites!! The fall colors were amazing!!


We did have a bunch of beautiful golden light to work with for Nick & Hilary’s golden hour shots, and they were amazing!


Nothing beats golden hour on the water, and even though the sun has JUST set, Ashley & Greg were still able to pull of these stunning shots with Alison & Ryan!!


I can’t even begin to explain how HARD it was to narrow down some of my favorites this year!! SO many beautiful images and so many wonderful couples!! Thank you to my team for another wonderful year, and I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!!